Saturday, July 05, 2014

Abby's Dad

Here's a first stab at the design for Abby's dad, Tim. Tim is a down on his luck writer from NYC. Upon being an utter and complete failure at jumpstarting his creative writing career, Tim is forced to move him and his daughter back to his hometown of Anytown, USA. Not having too much to offer a small community, Tim finds work with the local paper writing beat stories. Being forced to do ride alongs with a local cop, Tim is constantly getting himself into situations he's completely unprepared for. But nothing compares to his ultimate challenge, when he gets home and attempts to raise a teenage girl. I wanna design his cop buddy next. The cop is going to also be down and out. I assume he's the shame of the department, which is way he gets paired with the writer from the paper. They're gonna be a great duo.

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Mayumi Elisa said...

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