Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kingsville, TX

Just flew out to Kingsville, Texas last week to visit my brother out in flight school. I have to say, I loved Texas. Now I just gotta figure out where the animation studios are out there and I think I'm set. It was a really great time, and I just wanna thank my brother Jimbo and all his friends out there for showing me that great time. Here are some pics from the trip, enjoy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Adventures of manCHILD present THE JUNGLE

Well, Midsummer Night Toons I thought was a really really great night, filled with great films, great people, and great drink prices. I personally like to thank anyone and everyone that came out, cheered, and enjoyed themselves on Thursday...It really meant a lot to me. I'd also like the congratulate the other filmmakers of the night, specifically Matt Lee, Mike Carlo, AL Pardo, Gary Doodles, Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, and Kat Morris on all their hard work, everyone really turned out amazing stuff, and they all should be very proud.
Now onto the film. For those who didn't get a chance to come down to the show last week, or just to anyone who'd want to see the film that wouldn't had otherwise seen it, I'm gonna go with my gut and post the film here on my blog as well (obviously) on vimeo. It's actually been kinda a weird decision to be honest. I've never made a film before, and have heard a lot about the pro's and con's of posting your film on the Internet... in terms of being eligible for festivals and other events such as that, sometimes they'd prefer you to not have your film online. If I can I'd love to apply for any festival that would have me, but until then, I just want people to see it. I just want as many people (who'd like to see it) to see it and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. So, without and further interruption please enjoy The Adventures of manCHILD...Episode 2 - The Jungle.

The Adventures of manCHILD presents THE JUNGLE from Joe Cappabianca on Vimeo.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Midsummer Night 2oons!

Well this week has finally arrived! manCHILD will make it's debut this thursday, and I'd like to invite anyone who reads this blog to come on out that night to enjoy some cartoons and drinks at the M1-5 Bar here in Manhattan. This 2nd installment of Midsummer Night 2oons is being put together by Mr. Matt Lee, who also has a film screening that night. I've seen all the films, they really are top notch. It's gonna just be a fun night, you should really pop on by if you can. It's gonna kick off (by the way all the info is on the poster above as well) at around 8:30... I believe I heard somewhere there's a happy hour till 10, and best of all its free! DJ Pensatore will be spinning that night as well so really, i've just listed a whole bunch of reasons to come... there's no excuse now. In all honesty hope you all can make it and thanks for reading. Hope to see you there. manCHILD.

Thursday, June 03, 2010