Sunday, October 18, 2009

2009 DEMO REEL --> To the Right

Hey Hey, I just finished slapping together a short little demo reel from this years work. It's pretty short, but in talks with my good friend Ian Jones Quartey, he told me something valuable. He said it's better to show 10 seconds of good material then to have a 2 and a half minute long demo full of nonsense and throwaway material. Very very true, and unfortunately I am very very guilty of that on my last demo. It was made to only fit the song I chose (red flag), and full of stuff that probably just didn't need to be shown, or the individual segments just dragged out for to long. So, my last demo reel i'll just chalk up to being a young excited animator, desperately wanting people to like my stuff. I still hope people like my stuff, I just hope i've grown out of the desperate part. This one hopefully just gets the point across that i can animate, and hopefully well enough that you'll hire me one day. So there you have it...oh wait no you don't, because your gonna have to go to my vimeo page to see it. I've created a new link to my vimeo, under links on the right side, it's the first one. I don't know, I just feel awkward about showing animated characters that are heavily trademarked on my blog. It's just to show my work, nothing else, so If you'd like to see it, the link is over there. Have a great one.


maarten said...

hey dude,
super inspiring work man, love your designs.. like the kickflip animation as well, do you skate?
i dream about doing a skateboarding short... when im good enough... haha. i swear, one day.
again, very cool work, ill be back.

Ian J. said...

Damnn that was a really good reel man, now I'm gonna have to recut mine hahaha... its good to finally get to see all of the work youve managed to do in only a year. super impressive

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