Friday, October 12, 2007

Isn't it Obvious?

Wow, my how the time flys. Certainly when your having as much fun as I am. A couple of cool things have happened for me. One, i finally got my Cintiq, it's really awesome, all i do is sit in my room and draw on it now, so thats always cool. Then, getting the Cintiq inspired me to start upgrading my G5, it had been a while so I did all this ish and now i'm cooking with gas. Currently i'm working on this cool project for WLE. It's like this cell phone commerical inspired by Super Friends, It's really cool and i'm getting to work with my friends on it, and best of all is all traditional animation! Word up, it is a mighty fine day. The spots are coming out really cool, Yuri and Art and Chris are all doing awesome work. It keeps us all extra busy so there is my excuse for no posting in a while. But non the less, since i'm at home, with the cintiq i figured I'd finish a sketch i did at work today, Here it is. Hope it looks cool.