Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Mountains

I'm really just trying to think outside the box a little (although very south park-ish) I want to try to create a look that serves a purpose. This is basically an attempt at that. I don't know anything about Layout, but I love giving it a shot...and it's fun as all hell. My surroundings and peers provide endless amounts of inspiration so it's always cool to see progress and the growth of the process. I mean, I don't know the first thing about color, but I intend on more exercises like this to try and create a mood or feeling. This one...although off the bat "cold" kinda reminds me of that like warm cold...I don't know...I love this stuff.


Walt Sent Me said...

Great stuff...I've always had troubble with layout too. Hey give me a call one day when u get out of work I know this awsome place where we can go grab a few beers and hang out.


danidisaster said...

Before I even read the caption you wrote underneath I swear on my life had 'warm cold' in mind. In otherwise you did a fantastic job trying to express the exact thing you had in mind..good job. Very beautiful.

danidisaster said...

i meant in otherwords* my bad.